Living in Costa rica is possible.

We organise monthly relocation Tours to Costa Rica. Guided by the award winning author Christopher Howard. Maybe you are ready for a change and see if living, retiring, moving, and buying a home in Costa Rica is possible?

Reasons to live, or retire in Costa Rica

Have you ever dreamed of the perfect place to live or retire with a great lifestyle? You have found it, and Christopher Howard will introduce you to it.

Costa Rica is a unique tropical retirement paradise which offers inexpensive living and retirement; affordable first-world medical care for retirees; the opportunity to start over; lots of great outdoor sports for retirees; every imaginable activity for Boomers, or sone to be Boomers, retirees and other expats to stay busy and happy; stunning scenery with sun-soaked, beautiful beaches and spectacular mountains.

Add to all this a peaceful nation with political stability and year round spring-like weather in the Central Valley, the friendly people who actually like Americans and it is easy to see why Costa Rica has become tops on the list of expatriate and Baby Boomer retirement havens. More Americans live and retire here per capita than any other country outside of the United States. They can’t be wrong!

Are you ready to move? Ready to live in a Central American country with a stable goverment and many ammenities.

Find out all there is to learn about Costa Rica.

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